Question: I have a PC with a DVD burner, but I don’t have a burner on my Mac (or the one on my PC is way faster, so I’d like to use it instead). Is there any way I could use the Disk Image file (.dmg or .img) created by iDVD to burn the DVD on my Windows PC instead?

Answer: You will have to convert the disk image file created by iDVD to the .iso image format (making it compatible with almost any PC disk burning application, such as Nero or Roxio). To do this, follow these steps:

Open Disk Utility (located in Applications>Utilities folder).
Drag your disk image into the left-hand pane (where all your drives are listed) of Disk Utility.
Click on the file you just dragged into Disk Utility (should appear in the left-hand column).
Click on the ‘Images’ menu, then choose ‘Convert…’
When the ‘Convert Image’ dialog pops up, select ‘DVD/CD Master’ from the ‘Image Format’ pop-up menu.
Name your file, with ‘.cdr’ at the end of the filename, then click ‘Save.’
Disk Utility will convert the file to an ISO image. After this finishes, replace the ‘cdr’ at the end of the filename (in the Finder) to ‘iso’.
Now, the disk should be burnable on a Windows PC (simply copy the file to your PC by either copying it across a network or using some other means of transferring the data).
Note: This works burn any Mac .dmg or .img files on a PC.
Note 2: Another way to do this is to use the program ISOlator
Note 3: For those of you who may be command-line junkies, there’s an alternative method (and another).

Thanx Jeff!